2018 Tuition and Book Fees

the 'buy' button beside the correct item, and verify the total on the left side of the resulting page. Fill in the payment data in the right column and press Submit Order. If you wish to buy more than one item (e.g., add an elective payment), click the 'Continue Shopping' link at the bottom of the left column.

The JAC cannot extend credit per its Trust Agreement. Please watch your mail for more information about when payment is due and your orientation date.

If you have any questions, please contact Chad or Trish at (763) 533-5514.




     Year 1 Tuition & Books $684
       Year 1 Tuition & Books        N/A     
     Year 2 Tuition & Books $642 
       Year 2 Tuition & Books    $809 
     Year 3 Tuition & Books$660 
       Year 3 Tuition & Books    $683 
     Year 4 Tuition & Books $691 
       Year 4 Tuition & Books    $699 
     Year 5 Tuition & Books $586
       Year 5 Tuition & Books    $671 


Electives (for Yrs 4&5)

     Year 1 Tuition & Books   N/A     Orbital Welding $33 
     Year 2 Tuition & Books   N/A     Burner Controls $15 
     Year 3 Tuition & Books   
     Commercial Refrigeration $11 
          DDC Controls $16 
          High Pressure Steam Book $28 
          Oil Code $10 
          Piping Layout   $24 
          Pneumatics $69 
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Provisional journeyman tuition, non-standard tuition fees, etc.


Bank fees as well as class & book fees are non-refundable.

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