2018 Registration/Class Survey Form for Journeyman Training

Please read the class descriptions at the bottom of this page carefully before selecting your classes. Some courses have early registration deadlines, and others cannot be attended concurrently.

This registration form can be submitted online, or printed and mailed/faxed back to:

Minneapolis Piperfitters J.A.C.
6200 Lakeland Avenue North  |  Brooklyn Park, MN 55428-2937
Fax: 763-231-0149
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Classes are filled on a first come/first serve basis and may be limited in size. All registrations are due in September, except for the classes with early registration due dates noted below. Approximately two weeks prior to the start of each class, you will be notified as to the time and place if a spot is being held for you.

Questions? Call (763) 533-5514.


Click on any class name to see a more detailed class description.
All code classes are for the Journeyman Competency Card.
There are no Master Comp Card classes.

    Class Cost*
    City Oil Code (Register by August 11)
    Six-week course, September start. This class is required for Underground
    Tank Certification by the state of Minnesota.

This class covers the Uniform Building Code regarding fuel oil. The class is available to all Journeymen, but the test is limited to those who have the required experience and can meet specific requirements.

$35 ($25 plus $10 book fee)
    City Gas Code Six-week course $105 ($25 plus $80 book fee)
    City Refrigeration Code Six-week course $25
    City LP Steam/Hot Water Six-week course $41 ($25 plus $16 book fee)
    State High Pressure Steam Code Six-week course $40 ($25 plus $15 book fee)
    JM Fall Welding (Register by August 11)
     Eight nights starting in September. Space is limited.
$100 if working;
$75 if not working
    JM Spring Welding
     Eight nights starting in April.
$100 if working
$75 if not working
    OSHA 10-Hour Certification (Register by July 23)
     Three nights, August start.
    OSHA 30-Hour Certification
    Additional five nights in August following OSHA 10.  
    MSHA 24-Hour Certification
    Six nights starting in September. (Held off-site at Dunwoody)
    MSHA 8-Hour Refresher (Required every 12 months)
    Two nights, starting in September. (Held off-site at Dunwoody)
    Qualified Signal Person Certification
    One night, must pass written and practical tests for certification.
    Must have all Standard Hand Signals memorized before class.
    CFC Certification $25
    Underground Tank Re-Certification  

The JAC will no longer offer the Underground Tank Certification or Re-Certification Course. Journeymen seeking recertification can go to the MPCA website and sign up for the one day re-certification course. It is advisable to register at least 6 to 8 months before your certification expires.

Check MPCA Web Site for Course Fees
    UA STAR HVACR Certification $501 ($25 plus $25 book fee)
    UA 50 & 51 Brazing Certification
    Brazing tests are scheduled on an as-needed basis.
    Power Limited License Renewal $25


    Advanced Rigging $25
    Ammonia $43 ($25 plus $18 book fee)
    ARC Flash Safety - NFPA 70E
    Prerequisite: Must have an HVACR Electrical Background
$124 ($25 plus $99 book fee)
    Basic Refrigeration $80 ($25 plus $55 book fee)
    Burner/Boiler Start-up $53 ($25 plus $28 book fee)
   Commercial Refrigeration $36 ($25 plus $11 book fee)
    C.O.M.E.T. $0
    DDC/Building Automation $41 ($25 plus $16 book fee)
    Foreman Training $25
    Orbital Pipe Welding $58 ($25 plus $33 book fee)
    Heat Fusion Joining of Polyethylene Pipe $25
    Pneumatic Controls $94 ($25 plus $69 book fee)
    PRO10/CORE 4 $25
    Trimble Training - Basic $25
    Trimble Training - Advanced
    The Basic Trimble class is a prerequisite for this class.

* Bank fees as well as class & book fees are non-refundable.